Family businesses have been the back bone of America for 300 years. According to the National Restaurant Association survey, a majority of restaurateurs said customer loyalty was more difficult to maintain than it was two years ago.

So, since our Motto is:
“No waiting – Just dining…”

We established DineReserve on-line Restaurant Reservation System to be affordably priced for family restaurants.

We strive to help keep family owned restaurants serve their customers’ needs better, and make it easier for computer guys like us to get lunch in a timely fashion.


Mission: Helping Family Restaurants Thrive.

Who We Are:

We started business because we were “just a couple of computer guys’ who wanted to have lunch at our favorite restaurant.   We almost missed our entire lunch hour waiting to be seated.

We asked the owner why his popular family owned restaurant, didn’t have an on-line reservation system?  As he watched his family members wait tables, he told us;

“Increasing prices of food, spices, herbs, rents, and everyday general overhead continues to go up; and most family owned restaurants cannot raise the prices on their menus (enough) to meet these costs.   We certainly can’t.  A reservation system would be great,” he sighed, “our profit margins, especially at lunch are already too small.  A reservation system would eat all of that profit up!”

What -

..We soon found out was, that regardless of the size of the restaurant, all of them were struggling with smaller profit margins; and if they served fresh quality food (no fillers or MSG) – their profit margin was Really shrinking!